The Aurelius Network

The Aurelius Network has the goal to research, create, and expand the concept of 'the philosopher leader', a new style of leadership based on leaders who are philosophers and philosophers who are leaders - leaders who do not quote others, but who create their own philosophy to dramatically change the way in which business is done, and who deeply impact the industry they are in.
Within The Aurelius Network, Philosopher Leaders can connect with peers, extend their leadership ability as an individual, build alliances with other Philosopher Leaders to amplify their profound impact on the world, and engage in dialogue with each other and upcoming talents concerning their experiences and knowledge.
Talented young leaders can -as Gladiators within a separate division of The Aurelius Network- master the craft of becoming a Philosopher Leader themselves.

The Aurelius Network is an 'invite only' community. As such, we can assure that only the most compelling and impactful Philosopher Leaders -the ones who truly live their philosophy- are bound together.
The Aurelius Network members are selected based on their achievements in business and in life.
You can apply for membership by providing proof that you are a true Philosopher Leader, or secure your spot as one of our Gladiators by demonstrating your dedication to becoming a Philosopher Leader.

The Aurelius Network, the private society of leaders ready to
surmount the insurmountable and change the world.


Karolien Dekoster

With 4 master degrees -ranging from philosophy, over international relations, to business management and mediation-, and with a research background that will now lead to her PhD in Philosophy, Karolien is a paragon of life long learning and unbridled curiosity.
She combines this cognitive power with an unimaginable kindness and interest in every person's life story.

She transfers all her learnings and research with ease as a lecturer at several business schools, and facilitates groups into engaging and interesting learning experiences.

Due to her deep thinking and research attitude she often felt as the odd one out, as she believes we should be more openminded and profound, instead of oversimplifying reality and mindlessly going down the beaten path. Being an empathic and gracious person, she is affected by the crudeness, impertinence, and individualism that rule the world.
To change this, she wants to create a more inclusive, more peaceful, more creative and more innovative society, through The Aurelius Network.

Within The Aurelius Network, Karolien is the hostess that will make you feel at home immediately, the cohesive factor between all members, and the charming person who will warmly guide you to your deepest thoughts.

Dennis Fredrickx

Educated as an electro-mechanical engineer, performed athletics at the highest competitive level, dad of 3 daughters and 1 son, and transitioned himself from engineer to entrepreneur leading 3 businesses and 1 foundation, focussing on strong leadership and pushing the world forward.

With these highlights, it's clear that Dennis is an analytical, people oriented, deep thinking and engaging person who is at home in a wide variety of fields and industries. He has always been seen as a maverick -looking at the world through different eyes-, combining and mingling insights and experiences -built up in totally different environments- into new ways.

His biggest frustrations are the status quo of the world and people's un(der)used potential.
That is how the idea of The Aurelius Network was born; out of his continuous search to have a big impact on the world and to create the legacy of bending the path of humanity.

Within The Aurelius Network, Dennis is your person to go to to have deep, challenging, one-on-one conversations, that bring you a profound understanding of who you are, what you genuinely stand for, and especially to make it come true in every detail and aspect of your life, behaviour and business.


Together, they bundle more than 30 years of research and business experience, and dare to look at the world from a different perspective -more diverse, more integer, more authentic, more inclusive.
Become engaged in their unorthodox way of thinking.
Get challenged by their thoughts and questions.
Be activated to change to world.

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